Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 - Year of the Wood Horse

In Chinese Astrology, I'm a Fire Horse - with a bit of metal rabbit in my hour, fire horse in my day, metal tiger in my month,but mainly Fire Horse being my year.

Horse is one of the Chinese favorite animals.

The origins of the Horse charecter stems from its role in providing helpful transportation for people before automobiles.  Therefore, horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success.

Horses like to compete with others, which I've learnt to manage, but I resonate strongly with their pursuit for freedom, passion and leadership.

The horse hour of Chinese Horoscopes is from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M when the sun is at its peak, therefore, horse is connected to heat, hot, fire and red.

Horses like the social activities because horses like show themselves off. Just look in the ring before a big race.

Since horse is a social animal and red is also connected to love, horse is treated as a Romantic Star in Chinese Horoscope.

Chinese wouldn't have the horse to the farm work instead passing that role onto the reliable Ox.

The Chinese have higher expectation on horses - to help humanity win the battle.

The Horse is an intelligent animal but need to be trained to become useful to humans. Without a guide, Horse is just a wild animal and doesn't know where to go. There is no destination in its life.

In Chinese Five Element theory the Horse is in the Fire group. Horse month is in the middle of summer and the Horse is the strongest Fire animal in 12 zodiacs.

2014 is year of Wooden Horse and Wood can help Fire to burn so Fire can last longer.

When Horse meets Tiger and Dog they will form even stronger Fire.

Too much Fire however can lead to a hot temper and impatience.

Work with Fire favourably, then 2014 should be of good fortune. Too much fire, and there will be trouble.

Add this to my Aquarius, with Aquarius-rising, and we're in for a big 2014!